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oct/nov 2014 : edition 30

00 i Say
Recently I have had to revise some of my obviously outdated understanding of the words business is currently using to describe certain products or services...

01 Art of Historical Information
Roy Campbell, poet .......... NADINE GORDIMER, an avowed critic of apartheid............ SIMON NKABINDE was a Nbaqanga singer...

02 Communication
Everybody knows the frustration of trying to talk to someone in order to give them important information...

03 Computer Bits
Email Phishing This phone scam has been around for a couple of years now. Most people I know have received a call like this...

04a Dance from Cape Town
A Photographic story of the new Dance Crew Work – Musical Instruments – choreographed by Amy Gould, music composition Gordon Mackay and photography Victoria Romburgh.

04b Dance from Durban
Jemina Bowring a dancer from Durban now performing in Germany with John Neumeier’s Hamburg Ballet Company...

04c Dance from East London
A dance and musical production based on the well-loved book “Fly, Eagle Fly!” by South African Author Christopher Gregorowski and choreographed by Kati Ansell at the Guild Theatre.

05 English
Learning to spell is often not enjoyed by children or their elders...

06 Music
THE GUITARIST DEREK GRIPPER writes from Minneapolis when he started a two week US tour

07 Noise Pollution
Noise and sound pollution do not only cause discord between parents, children, friends and neighbours. It is also the cause of various illnesses like high blood pressure, stress...

08 Opera
Opera auditions for soloists as well as chorus members will be held at the Roodepoort Theatre in Johannesburg...

09 Woman of South Africa
After much discussion, meetings, back slapping by politicians praising their attitude towards women’s rights...

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Amy Gould


Amy Gould is a Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is the principal and owner of her full time ballet school, director and choreographer of her dance company Dance Crew, owner/manager of Tokai On-Main a 100-seater intimate theatre and editor in chief of ImagineMag!

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edition. 29 contributors

Dawn Gould (D Litt et Phil), owns and runs FACTS FOUND an historical research bureau situated in Cape Town, South Africa. 
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Guest contributors are:
Erica du Toit - Marketing, Promotion & Awareness Western Cape Association for the Physically Disabled
Edwin Bernhard - Another IT Guy

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Issue 30 deadline for articles or advertising: 15 Sep 2014