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dec / jan 2014 : edition 25

00 i Say.
Please if you are going to phone me, do not ask how I am unless you really want to or need to know. I might tell you in glowing techni-colour detail!

01 Art
ARTS and CULTURE as observed in the countryside
.  On a recent excursion along a part of the west coast of the Western Cape Province, South Africa, an awareness of the past of differing arts and cultures came to mind.

02 Dance
Ballet: the future.  Much of what I see in the classroom, on stage and in different forms of pre-recorded media has made me wonder where ballet is heading both choreographically and in training.

03 English
The English language has a very large and rich vocabulary.  But for some reason every now and then one’s tongue and mind stumbles over the usage of certain words either written or spoken. This leads to the loss of the effectiveness of what one has written or wants to say.

04a Food
Food is a celebration, a visual experience, an ice breaker that gets a room talking, thinking, and relaxing.  It brings people together.  Ginger Pudding is our featured recipe. 
Bite Relish
is a range of bright and delicious chutneys made of only the freshest local produce.  To win a Bite Relish prize see the article.

04b Food
Spices  Defined as “an aromatic pungent vegetable substance used as a condiment and for seasoning food":   pepper, cayenne pepper, pimento, nutmeg, mace, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, cassia etc.

05 Film and TV
From Cape Flatshood to the Small Screen and the Big Screen - Theo E. Davids, the artistic director of Bridgetown Theatre Company.

06 Books
ONEIRONAUT and OTHER TALES  Author: Daniel Hugo   What makes the individual look at a book, different in every way to personal choice, once then twice, pick it up and begin turning its pages?

07 History
Dates from the Past - Two females, both academically trained, one an historian the other an authoress. Two males one a politician and activist, the other an author who was also a lawyer.  Know who they are?

08 School
Vredenburg Dance School was established in 1995 by Dina Fourie who has been dancing for 51 years.

09 Theatre
Artscape presents Shakespeare’s, The Tragedy of King Richard III, a thrilling game of power and politics, at Maynardville Open-Air Theatre, for the first time in its 58 year history.

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Richard III


Amy Gould


Amy Gould is a Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is the principal and owner of her full time ballet school, director and choreographer of her dance company Dance Crew, owner/manager of Tokai On-Main a 100-seater intimate theatre and editor in chief of ImagineMag!

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edition. 25 contributors

Dawn Gould (D Litt et Phil), owns and runs FACTS FOUND an historical research bureau situated in Cape Town, South Africa. 
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Guest contributors are:
Julia Baker - Specialises in corporate catering, healthy lunch options for busy people and that perfect party platter.

edition. 26 feb/mar deadline

Issue 26 deadline for articles or advertising: 15 Jan 2014