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ImagineMag! has been created and is run by people with a passion for arts and our culture in all forms. Passion on its own however is never enough to sustain any project. What one needs are knowledgeable, hardworking and imaginative people to further develop this wonderful concept. We have the start of that in the shape of Amy Gould, Director of Dance Crew, Principal of the AGBS and owner of the Theatre On-Main, Dr Dawn Gould, owner of FACTS FOUND, a historical research bureau and… all of you who will contribute in many interesting ways. Get talking people, and let us hear from you.

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“Our intention is to give the art
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feb-mar 2012 : edition 14

Our theme for this edition is the different forms of Communication. Can you hear me? An article written by Erica du Toit on Hearing loss and the implications, Dr Dawn Gould on Rural towns and what that word rural means to many. Read about the political and racial overtones in different forms of communication in the innocent sounding Postcards.

In I Say there is a request for help from a reader about Mane`- Katz who studied at the Ecole` de Paris. There is a strong environmental approach to artistic endeavours with Dance Crew’s latest work `Changing Seasons’. The production team, (composer, choreographer, costumiere and photographer discussed the complexities and challenges they faced in mounting this work. Still in environmental mode onto one of Dance Crew’s dancers who has just completed the Iron Man half marathon in East London. Organic photography design brand PhotoGanic shares its uniquely tactile designs with Cape Town’s conscious consumers this Summer with Victoria Romburgh who shares her personal vision that “ones work must be symbolic of ones existence”. Eco Kids Film Festival is calling for entries relating to environmental issues that can inspire kids to take action in their own communities and schools.

On to the Opera and Viva la Mamma by Wagner for the Suidoosterfees and from there to fine artists of different expressions: A new solo exhibition of paintings by Tom Cullberg, Periphery and Roelof Rossouw in his eleventh solo exhibition at The Cape Gallery.


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PhotoGanic - Amritsar Man

PhotoGanic - Amritsar Man

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Amy Gould


Amy Gould is a Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is the principal and owner of her full time ballet school, director and choreographer of her dance company Dance Crew, owner/manager of Tokai On-Main a 100-seater intimate theatre and editor in chief of ImagineMag!

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contents | feb / mar 2012 : edition 14

00 / i SAY...

Communicate, communicate however we do it, that is the name of the game of life.  Perhaps we should all be very careful about what we communicate as well as how we do it.... Read the full story...

block house

01a / What is communication

A baby whether human or animal makes those around aware of his or her needs by various sounds and cries. As the child grows it learns to imitate and then to understand the words of a language and is thus able to conduct spoken or written actions. It is by this intellectual means that communication, in its widest sense, is conveyed.

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• Postcards
• Rural towns

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changing seasons

02 / Changing seasons

`Changing Seasons’, a one act ballet created for Dance Crew a contemporary classical ballet company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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ballerinas are tough

03 / PhotoGanic

Organic photography design brand PhotoGanic shares its uniquely tactile designs with Cape Town’s conscious consumers this Summer...

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• Ballerinas are tough
• Eco kids film call for entries

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04 / Can you hear me

Sound and hearing are an integral part of our daily lives, so one would expect that we take adequate care of our ability to hear and perceive sounds.  Not so.  At least not for the majority of us...

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block house

05 / Viva la Mamma

Richard Wagner’s vision was to communicate a message that was larger than its parts. His concept of Gesamtkunstwerk took music, text and acting to a higher form, when all came together sumptuously in works like his four-opera Ring cycle, which is staged annually in the top opera houses of the world.

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roelof rossouw

06 / Roelof Rossouw

Roelof Rossouw openend his eleventh solo exhibition at The Cape Gallery January 2012. He has exhibited throughout South Africa, Glasgow, London, Cheltenham, UK, Canada, Ireland, San Francisco and Miami.

Other articles:
• Tom Cullberg

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edition. 14 contributors

Dawn Gould (D Litt et Phil), owns and runs FACTS FOUND an historical research bureau situated in Cape Town, South Africa. 
For further details see

Guest contributors are:
Erica du Toit,
Marketing, Promotion & Awareness Western Cape Association for the Physically Disabled
Annique Pienaar,
member of Dance Crew a classical contemporary ballet company

edition. 15 apr/may deadline

Issue 15 deadline for articles or advertising: 19 March 2012