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ImagineMag! has been created and is run by people with a passion for arts and our culture in all forms. Passion on its own however is never enough to sustain any project. What one needs are knowledgeable, hardworking and imaginative people to further develop this wonderful concept. We have the start of that in the shape of Amy Gould, Director of Dance Crew, Principal of the AGBS and owner of the Theatre On-Main, Dr Dawn Gould, owner of FACTS FOUND, a historical research bureau and… all of you who will contribute in many interesting ways. Get talking people, and let us hear from you.


“Our intention is to give the art
    and cultural fraternity a voice”.

dec-jan 2011 : edition 13

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In this edition we have articles about puppets, (Puppetry SA), South African Ballet Theatre in Sleeping Beauty, Cycling Past and present, the Wagner Society and their latest offering. What’s happening at the Fugard Theatre? A good question so check out their article. A new starring role for FTH: K Tanya Surtees as Company Director and what that entails. Changing perceptions on disabilities and abilities of people is a constant challenge to many in our society. Read what the Western Cape association for the Physically disabled has to say. We move to the KKNK with Klap and then on to some of our wonderful art galleries filled with so much stimulating art works that you won’t know where to go first. Many weddings will take place in the next few months so Marriage customs seemed most timeous, public holidays too. And for our book review, Conversations with Myself – Nelson Mandela

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daniella mooney

Daniella Mooney - Obscured by Clouds 2010

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Amy Gould


Amy Gould is a Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is the principal and owner of her full time ballet school, director and choreographer of her dance company Dance Crew, owner/manager of Tokai On-Main a 100-seater intimate theatre and editor in chief of ImagineMag!

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contents | dec / jan 2011 : edition 13

00 / i SAY...

There are so many people who are filled with talk and promises but seem to deliver nothing. This appears to be a problem that is rife in many businesses of all descriptions and yet many moan about there being a lack of work... Read the full story...

jannie younge

01 / UNIMA (Union International de la Marionette) South Africa

UNIMA (Union International de la Marionette) South Africa is the local branch of the international puppetry community originally established in 1929 as the first cultural organization of UNESCO...

Read the full story...

02 / Marriage celebrations yesterday and today

At certain times of the year, particularly spring and summer, one becomes aware that weddings are in the air....

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Sleepting Beauty

03 / Celebrate the festive season with 'the sleeping beauty'

The South African Ballet Theatre (SABT) will once again present the magical fairytale ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ at the South African State Theatre from Thursday, November 17th to Sunday December 18th 2011...

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London Road

04 / Summer Celebrations at the Fugard Theatre

The Fugard Theatre is celebrating the arrival of summer with a varied line-up scheduled for November and December 2011...

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05 / Public holidays

Why do governments legislate public holidays? Is it a way of thanking constituents for helping to vote them into power and being seen to be generous to others who did not? Are they necessary to our well being or are they simply unnecessary paid leisure time?

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Viva Press

06 / Wagner society takes to the boards again

The fourth opera presented by the Richard Wagner Society takes place at Artscape in the Suidooster Fees in February. Coming on the heels of the hugely successful The Flying Dutchman by Wagner himself, Viva la Mamma, correctly Le Convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali by Gaetano Donizetti, furthers the society’s aim to help build the careers of gifted young musicians in performance, giving them recital platforms as well as opera experience...

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cycling club

07 / Pedal power

How very different modern bicycles and clothing are compared to those of the Victorian and Edwardian period of this popular sport and leisure activity...

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Tanya Surtees

08 / A new starring role: the arts manager

In the challenging world of raising funds for the arts and creating a sustainable environment in which an arts organisation can operate, the role of a dedicated arts manager is becoming increasingly important...

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blue chords

09 / Art

• Implemented environments
• Stevenson Cape Town
• The barnyard gallery
• Exhibition of recent works by David Kuijers and Tania Babb
• Gerard Sekoto
• Robyn Penn exhibition
• Diane Victor - Exhibition

Read the full story...


10 / Absa KKNK klap! 2012: A festival within the festival

The Absa Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (Absa KKNK) is a South African festival for the performing and visual arts, which is presented annually during the March/April school holidays in the town of Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo.

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11 / Nelson Mandela : Conversations with Myself

This is a book that will be of interest to individuals who do not necessarily have degrees in history or political science as well as to those who do...

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edition. 13 contributors

Dawn Gould (D Litt et Phil), owns and runs FACTS FOUND an historical research bureau situated in Cape Town, South Africa. 
For further details see

Guest contributors are:
Erica du Toit,
Marketing, Promotion & Awareness Western Cape Association for the Physically Disabled

edition. 14 feb/mar deadline

Issue 14 deadline for articles or advertising: 16 January 2012