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ImagineMag! has been created and is run by people with a passion for arts and our culture in all forms. Passion on its own however is never enough to sustain any project. What one needs are knowledgeable, hardworking and imaginative people to further develop this wonderful concept. We have the start of that in the shape of Amy Gould, Director of Dance Crew, Principal of the AGBS and owner of the Theatre On-Main, Dr Dawn Gould, owner of FACTS FOUND, a historical research bureau and… all of you who will contribute in many interesting ways. Get talking people, and let us hear from you.


“Our intention is to give the art
      and cultural fraternity a voice”.

jul / aug 2010 : edition 05

Another first for ImagineMag! as we welcome you to enjoy our Cultural food articles. Most of the time when cooking, we pick up that herb or spice and sprinkle it on our food without much thought of how we came by it except when we run out and remind ourselves to buy more from our local supermarket. And who better to introduce us to cooking with herbs and spice than Ina Paarman who we all have on our kitchen shelves or rather her product, attractively packaged in bottles or packets to enhance our cooking experience and, Dr Dawn Gould who provides you with cultural food for thought as she offers ideas of how those first herbs and spices might have been introduced to our country many years ago.

I love cooking and like to think that I cook with imagination and sometimes even inspiration but I do like my food to look like food and be easily eatable. I really do not want to navigate an Eiffel Tower on my plate and have the whole constructed piece collapse in a mess on my plate before I can get at it. And this brings me to another article, on Cultural Landscapes, and the combining of the natural environment with the manmade to provide a unified and hopefully improved setting.

Read about the first slaves in the Cape Colony. Has much changed? I still see many people in slavery, it just has a different name – poverty.

You might, like me, have had sufficient drama from our Soccer feast over the past four weeks but ‘The Mechanicals’ present four fascinating and worthwhile dramas for the month of July and August in Cape Town at three different theatres, the Little, Intimate and Arena. There is a selection of well known actors and actresses in this thought provoking work. Go and see real drama on a proper stage with real people and it won’t cost you what soccer seats did. This will be value for money with everyone as winners. And I am sure there is no spitting!

the mechanicals

Equal Education is an organisation that is dedicated to providing libraries for schools. To use their own words ‘Each library established by The Bookery contains a minimum of three books per learner per school, and caters for the needs and interests of its readership through a comprehensive selection of fiction, non-fiction and reference works’. Is that not adding value to life? Read their article and if you can help please do so and let us know. Also take note of the article on children’s books from the past and how the content matter has changed.

dimensional stunt school

And still on track as regards equal education, but in a different and more physical vein DIMENSIONAL STUNT SCHOOL is offering BURSARIES for the NQF Level 4 Stunt Training Course in July/August 2010 for Interested males and females.
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity people, you don’t get offers like this every day. And our film industry is growing, so get ready now.

Read about the wonderful Spier exhibition of Art that is now traveling around the country. Check the article on when this Winners Tour will be in your town and where it will be situated. More food for the mind and soul. Perhaps it is just winter that is bringing out all these foody thoughts and desires in me.

Keep reading whether it is ImagineMag! or wonderful books and remember you can read and eat at the same time. Double your pleasure.

Amy Gould

Amy Gould is a Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is the principal and owner of her full time ballet school, director and choreographer of her dance company Dance Crew, owner/manager of Tokai On-Main a 100-seater intimate theatre and editor in chief of ImagineMag!


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contents | jul / aug 2010 : edition 05

00 / i SAY...

We have had an almost exclusive Soccer culture for the months of June/July whether we liked it or not. For me one thing that came through loud and clear was the dramatic nature of the game. The players fell, slid, collided and many times the histrionics displayed were such that I was in a permanent state of fear that many of them would never rise again let alone walk or be able to continue to play the ‘beautiful’ game. But as soon as the referees announced their decision the players would leap to their feet, miraculously restored to full and functional health and remonstrate with the referee if the decision had gone against them. What a bunch of performers! And the thought that all our politicians and school children are watching this and probably taking notes?
Read the full story...

01 / the Mechanicals: Lunatic Fringe 2010 Repertory Season:

Four plays are being produced and shown in three theatres; the Little, Intimate and Arena theatres. Don’t miss this mental and physical stimulation by these energetic and committed actors. Read the full story...

02 / equal education: opening of the lavender hill senior secondary school library in retreat

Equal Education

“Only 8% of the public schools in South Africa have functional school libraries. Major studies, conducted both locally and abroad, have shown that the provision of functional school libraries can improve average learner outcomes by between 10 and 25%”. Read the full story...

03 / childrens books: past and present

In the early days of South Africa children would have been told the stories from other lands by their parents or relatives. Slaves might also have referred to legends and anecdotes from their original home countries. Other children would have listened to stories told them by their tribal elders.. Read the full story...

04 / cultural landscapes:

What do these two words mean? My definition is that which nature and man created, either separately or together. In other words, the association of the built and the natural environment, the latter including the modification of nature. Read the full story...

05 / slaves: in early cape history

Manuscripts in various research institutions are a mine of information on the lives of slaves who in time would play such a large role in the history of Cape Town. But as one reads through these papers one is struck by the often unfeeling attitude adopted by certain of the officials to the slaves over whose lives they had total authority. These officials appeared to be able to treat them as if they were not fellow human beings. Read the full story...

dimensional stunt school

06 / dimensional stunt school - bursaries:

Do you want to break into a NEW and Exciting Career within Film & Television Industries, but don’t have the cash?
Read the full story...

Wild Rosemary

07 / cooking ina paarmans way & herbs and spices:

Celebrity Chefs have been turned into culinary stars via the power of television. Rock-star personalities perform in kitchens around the world. The problem with that is that they constantly need new and more way-out material to grab the attention of their audience.
Read the full story...

08 / sparck & spier contemorary 2010 tour:


The Africa Centre’s Space for Pan African Research Creation and Knowledge (SPARCK) project, lands in Johannesburg with Totems, a mobile exhibition by Hervé Youmbi. This mobile multi-media installation is on a four-city tour across the continent. Straight from the Dak’Art Biennale, Totems is at the Drill Hall in downtown Johannesburg until 2nd July, before moving to Cotonou and Kinshasa. Read the full story...

09 / hilton schilder in hospital:

Cape Town music legend, the internationally celebrated, Hilton Schilder is in hospital currently undergoing serious and expensive medical treatment and we are asking if anyone reading ImagineMag! can help towards these overwhelming costs.
Read the full story...

edition. 05 contributors

Dawn Gould (D Litt et Phil), owns and runs FACTS FOUND an historical research bureau situated in Cape Town, South Africa. 
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