02 / Book review: I praise the DANCE

I praise the dance

TITLE:  I praise The DANCE
COMPILED & EDITED:  Michael Britton & Kurt Egelhof
ISBN:  978-0-620-61310-1

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As a ballet teacher my understanding of dance is both shaped and coloured by a very extensive and disciplined training. Dance in whatever form it takes is an art of communication whether at social or theatrical performing level.

This book is well presented with some dramatic and heart tugging photos. The photos themselves vary in quality but show a wide range of human expression and cultural contribution from a selected section of the dance community in our society. This is what makes it worthwhile.

I find interesting that two people who compiled and edited this book are not dancers. This book could raise the debate about what is dance. All movement is not dance and some dance has very little movement. I find the comment from some contributors interesting, that whilst they have no formal dance training they have an MA from Rhodes University in choreography.

We have a background of poor education for previously disadvantaged communities. I sincerely hope that this does not lead to an understanding that training is not needed in order to dance and choreograph. Yes we can all explore a desire to dance but to do so professionally requires a formal training of whatever kind is preferred.

I look forward to comment around these ideas.

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