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Leaving 2012, after my wife, Sam Pearce, finishes her Emzantsi commitments (www.emzantsi.org.za), we will be travelling with a difference; we are planning to take my show about our shared African heritage (Missing Links) to various high schools, colleges, companies and embassies during the trip.
We will be creating an ongoing documentary of our experiences as a mixed race family.
(My adopted son was the inspiration for Missing Links)
Sam is an Oxford English graduate with a master’s degree in Diversity Studies and will be writing and researching along the way.
I will be providing amusing commentary online to produce podcasts, video clips and radio content.
Our aim is to show the rest of the world how much Africa has to offer as we circumnavigate our continent – Clockwise. I will be exploring new surf spots along the way and hope to be sending reports and images to interested magazines and websites.

This will be SA’s first Eco-Comedy and the first theatre show to not only be completely Carbon Neutral but also powered only by renewable resources.
The show is sponsored by GWSTORE who will provide the solar and pedal powered resources to run the lights and PA. It will be completely interactive with members of the audience peddling two bikes to help power some special lighting!

Africa Clock Wise is a comedy that traces our environmental future from the present day to a predicted end for the human race. Our species has been around for 200,000 years and should by all accounts make it to 1 million years; the average “lifespan” for a mammalian species.

Our only challenge to making it. Is ourselves. We’re idiots.

Homo sapiens, the most dominant species in history is responsible for the extinction of 25,000 other species every year. Ironically, through climate change, we may well bring about our own extinction in the next few decades! Hilarious.

Africa Clock Wise is a continuation of “Missing Links” which traced our first 6 million years from our ape ancestors until the present day, using the analogy of a 1500km evolutionary taxi journey across SA from Cape Town to the Cradle of Humankind. Time to now travel into the future for humankind.

A clockwise trip from Cape Town around the coastline of the African continent represents the 1 million years we could survive if we wise up in time to avoid climate catastrophe.
We should be able to circumnavigate the entire continent but if we don’t act now we’ll be gone before we get to Namibia…
The set will feature a giant African continent clock that not only maps the journey but also counts down to both the end of the show and the end of our species.
Luckily it’s running in African Time, so Panic Slowly!

Mark Sampson

Mark Sampson

Africa Clock Wise is both a way to inspire the audience to explore Africa and to clearly demonstrate exactly how much is at stake if we continue to be apathetic about our imminent environmental oblivion.
Can we unlock Africa's ancient wisdom to save the planet?
Can we save the planet by washing out every last little bit of yellow grease from that Flora tub? Africa Clock Wise will acknowledge how difficult it is for the audience to engage with climate change issues without feeling powerless and pointless or just plain bored.
That’s where MARK SAMPSON ECO-TERRORIST takes over.
(Defined by the FBI as “the use of violence against victims or property by an environmentally oriented group for environmental-political reasons.” The FBI considers environmental terrorism to be the number-one domestic terror threat facing the United States.)
But by stating the facts simply and putting the situation into context the show will powerfully communicate the inconvenient truth - while delivering enough laughs to help them stomach it.

Sampson has cut his hair!
And now attempt to cut his Carbon emissions. After 18 years Sampson has finally cut his dreadlocks... and decided to Go Green.
Does this mean he’ll lose his strength?

Find out in this laughter packed renewable-powered comedy show, the first in south africa, it’s completely OFF THE GRID! A truly ground breaking, hilarious Comedy show that is 100% Eskom free.

This may be the end of the world as we know it - so rejoice! The effects of Climate Change could mean we all end up living like the poorest third world countries, so what? Eskom have been trying to do that to us for years, we’ll be fine.

So we’ll never achieve the American Dream, I say good, give me a holiday in the Transkei over Disneyland any day.

Our ecological clock ticking
As our time runs out Sampson reverts to an ecoterrorist game show host with eco-prizes in “beat the heat” it’s a desperate race to save the planet as the show’s alarm clock counts down to both the end of the show and the end of our species. As our time runs out Sampson emerges as an ecoterrorist game show host in a desperate race against the clock to save the planet. The clock counts down to both the end of the show and the end of our species. Luckily it’s running in African Time, so Panic Slowly!

1 truck, 2 years, 30 countries, 60,000km
Over the next 3 years, Sampson will be on a mission to find out how Africa can show the world a way to combat climate change while In an solar panelled 10 ton eco-truck named the Green Bandwagon, by taking his family clockwise around africa he will prove to his children that a future without power hungry luxuries may not be such a bad thing. he will be exploring more than 30 countries and proving to his children that a future without Western luxuries may not be such a bad thing.
He’s recycling his mind
For the sake of his children... and yours.

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robyn and ntombi

Robyn and Ntombi










Rose with Fiona York –30 June to 10 July at Highlander

The story of a remarkable life and an amazing story of survival. From a tiny Russian village to the Warsaw ghettos to the “Exodus”, the boardwalks of Atlantic City, the Arizona canyons and the salsa-flavoured nights of Miami Beach. A portrait of a feisty Jewish woman and events that shaped a century. Martin Sherman’s acclaimed play is brilliantly acted by Fiona York and directed by Ben Henessey. First performed at the National Theatre, London, in 1999.

Now presented by Red Kettle Theatre Company & KBT Productions. Supported by Culture Ireland.

London Road – 30 June to 10 July at St Andrew’s Hall

This runaway smash hit won the Standard Bank Golden Ovation Award for Theatre last year as well as three Fleur du Cap awards and was nominated for two Kanna awards. London Road stars the power-house duo, Robyn Scott and Ntombi Makhutshi in the extraordinarily humane story of two women whose lives collide in a Sea Point apartment block. Funny, heartbreaking, inspiring.

Directed by Lara Bye, written by Nicholas Spagnoletti.

Cape Town Edge – 30 June – 9 July at Princess Alice Hall

The collective of independent theatre makers from Cape Town presents a line up of award winning theatre with their famous front of house experience including delicious sushi this year. Catch the daily shows of The Ogreling, Mafeking Road, Isangqo/Sirkelpad, Interiors, ….miskien and Nic Danger And The Rise Of The Space Ninjas.